Machining and Inspection

We have 14 modern machining centers and are capable of cutting parts as big as 144"x32"x30" with 5-axis capability. Our state-of-the-art Zeiss Spectrum CMM, with 5-axis VAST XXT head, has a measurement envelope of 40" x 28" x 20" and a resolution of .0001".


CNC machining is our passion and DMG has been a market leader in precision machining since the company's onset in 1972. We have an enviable reputation for high quality and for customer service. Our machinists are experts in the machining of the exotic materials commonly used in the aerospace sector. We are always evolving and adopting the latest technologies so as to increase quality and productivity.

We have the capacity to produce highly-intricate parts of all sizes up to major structural elements of airframes.

Our aerospace-industry-standard quality management system ensures high-quality, repeatability, and traceability.

We have expertise in the machining of the following materials:

  • stainless steels;

  • aluminium;

  • aluminium-lithium alloy;

  • steel;

  • titanium;

  • plastics, phenolics, nylon;

  • extrusions.

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